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Young Artist Development Program

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Young Artist Spotlight

Sapphire Fortune

Sapphire Fortune joined the Young Artist Development Program as a 6th grader during the 2016-2017 school year. She immediately caught the attention of Mrs. Jones-Herbert as a stand-out performer. Sapphire was drafted into the YADP Elite performance group along with 2nd and 3rd year YADP veterans and made her mark on every performance.

Sapphire returned to YADP on another level for the 2017-2018 school year! She secured her spot, once again, in the YADP Elite Performance group and set the bar for all the other YADP members. Sapphire performs with passion and she is the epitome of her nickname "Fire" leaving the stage in ashes after every performance. This year Sapphire has decided to challenge herself as a performer and push herself out of her comfort zone therefore, in addition to dancing, Sapphire is adding rapping to her performing arts portfolio. Not only is Sapphire a great performer but she is also an inspiration and a motivation to her YADP Family.

Interview with Sapphire Fortune


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