LTJ Music Group's

Young Artist Development Program

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What is the Young Artist

Development Program?

The Young Artist Development Program is a highly effective program designed to positively impact the lives of young people through the Arts. Attributed to experience, I believe music plays a major role in my ability to positively express myself. It has catapulted me into the discovery that the arts are a gift and that gift has taken me down the path of becoming a professional in the music industry. As I reflect on an experience I had while in class during my elementary years; I distinctly recall my teacher utilizing a method in music in order to assist the class in passing a test. She made up a song with all the answers to the test and taught the song to us. The song was intriguing, easy to learn as well as innovative.  We learned the song and all we had to do was sing it to ourselves during the test. Needless to say, the whole class passed the test. Simply put, music is poetry with a tune. As I reflect on my high school experience, I recall a teacher who allowed us to freely express ourselves through the art of poetry. Several of my songs were written during that time in my life because of the technique he used to show us how to use an art form to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. I believe that without the effectiveness of a safe positive outlet, the futures of countless youth would be compromised due to their inability to positively express themselves.  Many maladaptive behaviors are often misunderstood due to improperly expressed emotion that could be redirected using creativity, arts, and positive reinforcement.

The foundation of the YADP is positivity. We promote professionalism and teach on the importance of striving for greatness in every endeavor. Currently, the program is geared towards students interested in singing, rapping and dance. However, we are developing into a program that will serve students interested in musical instruments and poetry in the very near future. The singing/rapping program focuses on music that promotes positivity. We prepare the students for performances by teaching them stage presence and the importance of living the lives of positivity they sing/rap about. We have created a YADP glossary complied of words that we use frequently with the students to assist in reshaping and developing their minds. 

YADP Basic Elements



Vocal Training 
Performance Prep
Character Building
Creative/Song Writing Development
Workshops with Industry Professionals
Mentorship/ Leadership Training

Each child will receive a
YADP shirt

Each child will be awarded for their effort and dedication throughout the program.