LTJ Music Group's

Young Artist Development Program

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YADP Summer Sessions 2017

Original Song "No Limits"

LaToya Thompson
of Pearlz House Of Dance
teaching African Dance

Spoken Word Artist
Leah James returns
to YADP Summer Sessions 

 YADP Summer Sessions 2017
Day 2 Behavior...

Creative Writing in YADP  
Summer Sessions 2017


by: Seriah McIntosh (12 yrs old)

YADP Summer Sessions 2017

Who are you to underestimate me and tell me who I am not. Who are you to try and change who I am for the benefit of yourself. Of course sometimes I make erroneous choices because we all do in a lifetime. Why doubt me because I'm not "perfect" in your eyes. Well its okay because I try my best to not let negative people like you get in my way. I am here to succeed whether you like it or not. So you can hate or try to crush my dreams but it won't hurt or get to me. I know as a successful person people are going to go out of their way and try to stop you. I'm going to keep pushing myself while you think of ways to sabotage me. I'm going to continue killing the stage like I always do. Oh and you, you can keep underestimating me!