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Young Artist Spotlight

Genelly Nunez

Genelly Nunez joined the Young Artist Development Program during the 2015 - 2016 school year as a 6th grader. She is a multi-talented, ball of energy that brings smiles, laughs, and excitement wherever she goes. Genelly sings, and she is a powerful creative writer but she shines in a lane of her own as our only ballerina! She brings another dimension to YADP's performances with her graceful, self choreographed dances that stir the souls of our audiences every time! Genelly's break out YADP performance was at HOSTOS College in January 2016 for YADP's original song "My TIme to Shine" (video below)

This school year, 2016 - 2017, Genelly delved deeper into her ability to write creatively. She began writing as a way of escape and a way to express her feelings. In addition to creative writing pieces, Genelly contributed to the lyrics for YADP's newest original song, "Unstoppable". She has written several creative writing pieces but her latest piece "The Game of Life" left her listeners inspired! (video below) Genelly continues to explore the depth of her talent by pushing her limits. She is a go getter and a self starter and she is awesome at motivating her peers to push their limits as well. With that in mind, Genelly was selected as a YADP dance leader along with Mariah Negron. As if dancing and creative writing isn't enough, Genelly recently took her singing to the next level by recording in the studio, laying vocals for "Unstoppable." 

Genelly never ceases to amaze us with her many talents! She is not a star in the making, she is a star right now!!! We support and believe in Genelly Nunez!

The YADP family salute her!

Genelly Performs at HOSTOS College

Genelly performing her Creative Writing Piece 
"The Game of life"

Video: Genelly learning choreography from,
professional choreographer, Tenile Jimenez
(Photo on Right: Genelly, Tenile, Mariah, and Ashayla)