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YADP in Great Oaks
Charter School

Great Oaks Charter's 1st EVER
YADP Cafe Showcase 2019


Discovering Their Talent!

Creative Writing

Harmony Fields

By: Jamie

The beautiful oak bench, on the grassy ground. Beautiful flowers spread across the grazing fields. Giant oak trees spread out along the fields. Strawberry bushes along the area. Tulips, roses, and daisies all leading to the fields of heaven; the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Animals and people gather together in peace and harmony. Once, where there was grody and dark factories now lies beautiful grass, flowers, and trees. A beautiful mountain-view of the blue sea, as if pollution never existed. This place, is a place where creativity grows, and people live in harmony. This is harmony fields a place of wondrous happiness and imagination.

Favorite Place

By: Jasmine Bernabe

The scent of salt water hangs in the air. As I glide across the water. With no objective, no where my enemies can follow. THe sound of seagulls dance in my my head, as the waves push against my boat. My problems drift away like the current. No one out here but me, no one to make me feel like I can’t. Just me and my thoughts. Eventually, rain dances down soaking into the planks in the floorboards. I would sit in my quarters listening to the sound of the rain, reading. Loving every moment until, the thought of home, mom, dad, for that’s where I feel safe.