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Young Artist Spotlight

Madison Canaan

Madison Canaan is a new comer to the Young Artist Development Program as of the 2016 - 2017 school year. Madison joined YADP as a dancer interested in possibly becoming a choreographer one day. Her main challenges were stage fright and uncontrolled emotions. Madison found it easy to just "not feel like it"  or hide behind her fellow YADP family and simply "blend in." However, she often found comfort, inspiration, and motivation from YADP's Creative Writing assignments. With these assignments Madison was able to effectively express her thoughts and feelings and she always left her readers wanting more. Her first official writing piece, "Finding My True Self" (Below) displayed a talent far different from dancing. Mrs. Jones-Herbert began to challenge her to dig deeper and write from the "vault" which is the hidden thoughts and feelings that govern your outlook on life. 

As time progressed, Madison realized what Mrs. Jones-Herbert had identified in her early on, as much as she loved dancing she discovered a talent within herself that changed the concept of "Blending In" to "Standing Out", she was a Creative Writer! Mrs. Jones-Herbert continued to challenge her and time after time she met every challenge including being selected as the Leader of the Creative Writers of YADP @ SBAAM. Over the holiday break Mrs. Jones- Herbert gave Madison an assignment to write a Creative Writing piece about being unstoppable. Little did she know, Mrs. Jones-Herbert was going to have her perform the creative writing as a spoken word piece for an upcoming performance. After returning with the assignment, Madison read it for Mrs. Jones-Herbert and blew her away! However, Madison fearfully rejected the challenge to perform her writing as a part of the performance. All it took was a famous "Ms. Jones pep talk" and a few minutes later she created a video reading it aloud (Below) and agree to the performance. 

Madison continues to surprise herself with just how much talent she has! She now welcomes challenges with positive expectations. We know this is only the beginning of the greatness that will flow from the artist know as Madison Canaan! 

The YADP family salute her!

Madison performing 

Madison working hard on a
Creative Writing Piece

Madison's First Creative Writing Piece
"Finding My True Self"