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Nasiir Bey aka Lil' Nas

Nasiir Bey has been apart of the Young Artist Development Program since it began in November of the 2014 - 2015 school year when he was a 6th grader. He was one of the first scholars of SBAAM to "try it out." Upon joining, Nasiir informed Mrs. LaToya Jones-Herbert aka Ms. Jones that he was interested in rapping. With that in mind Ms. Jones chose a song entitled "Guardian Angel" which had an awesome rap part for Nasiir to perform while his fellow female YADP members sang. They performed the song for the school and it was a hit! After that experience Ms. Jones did a lesson where she challenged the young artists to write a poem and then attempt to put it to music. She was blown away by Nasiir's poem because it was phenomenal for a child his age. (Video #1) As the year went on Nasiir grew as an artist and he began to develop a deep desire for advanced vocabulary words because he wanted to use them in his raps. He wrote several raps that accompanied the songs written by the singers in YADP. 

As the 2015 - 2016 school year came around, Nasiir made it his business to find his self back in YADP. The group wasted no time getting back in the groove of things. They wrote a new song entitled "My Time to Shine" which they were able to record as apart of a studio workshop that Ms. Jones brought to the school which was conducted by YADP's favorite produce Champ Jenkins. The song quickly became a hit around the school and landed the group an opportunity to perform for the District 7 principal's at HOSTOS College. (Video #2)  Nasiir took the stage by storm and left the audience wanting more! Towards the end of the school year the group wrote another hit entitled "Rise" which they were able to record in studio over the summer. Nasiir penned his first solo rap entitled "Restoring the Balance" which he performed for YADP Summer Sessions, "Summer Bash." (Video #3)  During the Summer Nasiir accompanied Ms. Jones on a TV interview promoting YADP where he performed on the spot for Host, Bob Lee. (Video #4)

"Nasiir aka lil' Nas continues to grow as an artist in YADP for the 2016 -2017 school year and the YADP family salutes him!"

Nasiir's 1st Rap January 2015

HOSTOS College Performance

Lil' Nas performs "Restoring the Balance" (Original)

Nasiir accompanying Mrs. Jones-Herbert on Bronxnet

Listen to Recorded Music By Nasiir

"My Time to Shine" Fea. Nasiir

Team AiR

"Rise" Fea. Nasiir

Team AiR