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(Spring 2016)

MS. 296 Performance at 

Hostos College

(Winter 2016)

MS 296 at Lehman College 
(June 2015)

Creative Writing

Change the Game

By: Fatima Reyes

Rivalries between neighborhoods, trying to compete for what? Treating people like enemies when we all have the same blood running through our veins. Feeling like a planet out of orbit. Bloods and Crips are just titles becoming instruments of our own oppression. Step in their neighborhood, you out of the game because that’s all it is, a game. You hustling out here just to impress the wrong people and to become someone you're not. You're trying to impress society when society has done nothing for you. Putting up a tough character just because you wanna be down with the crowd. Are you a victim or a victor? Black or white shouldn’t matter because at the end we are all the same. No matter where you come from at the end we all have goals. Goals that we all one day want to achieve. 

All of us will be passed down the assembly line of life if we don’t change the way society is run today. You out here walking on egg shells when you should be out here trying to be somebody in life. Be the person to change the game not the one to continue it. You get so involved in the game that you forget who you really are and turn your back on your family for someone you think is your friend. Growing up without a real man figure leads you to do something you regret. You do that because you didn’t have someone to guide you through every step of the way. Doing all of this “gangsta” stuff is only going to lead you to jail or the graveyard. Be a self-learner, a LEADER, not a follower.

Written By:
Fatima Reyes
8th grade (14yrs old)

The Truth Behind the Mask

By: Destiny Torres

(Realistic Fiction)

I remember many years ago I knew this woman who wore a lot of makeup. There was never a day she ever walked out her house without some form of make up. One day I built up the courage to ask her why she wore so much makeup because she was so beautiful. She answered, "All these products I buy to put on my face represents all the scars of my past that I have to cover up." She sat me down and began to share her story...

She pulled mascara out of her purse and said, "My mascara that I apply to my 'beautiful' eyelashes hides the evidence of all the tears I've cried in my lifetime." I asked, "Why cry if you're so beautiful?" She looked up at me and then back down to her purse. She pulled out her foundation, shade 035 and she said, "This very foundation hides every single freckle that I was born with and teased about." She then pulled out a concealer and said, "This product here covers up the bags which I developed from lack of sleep. I stayed up an endless amount of hours just crying and wondering why I was born into this family." 

I stopped her before she could explain what the lipstick represented and I asked her, "What is the purpose of you telling me all of this?" She answered, "All these products that I put on my face has become a mask. I put this mask on everyday to make everybody happy, everyone except myself." "Let this be a message to you," she said, and she got up and left me sitting there...

Written By:
Destiny Torres
8th grade (14yrs old)

By: Tahmique Williams

I PUSH MYSELF to the limit because I always want to be what my dad couldn't be and make my mom proud. I PUSH MYSELF! My dad was a good basketball player but I want to get out of his shadow. I'm taking off the mask, facing my reality, and becoming the real me, the better me... I PUSH MYSELF! I'm going to shine and be the star that I know I am!

I work hard to be the real me, I PUSH MYSELF to step out of the shadows and into the light. I PUSH MYSELF even harder because I know that I have people that want to help me be the best that I can be. People like Mrs. Jones-Herbert, Mr. A, Mr. Hendrickson and last but not least my Mom. To see these people who started out with nothing, do big things with their lives makes me want to go harder to reach my goals so, I PUSH MYSELF!

Written By:
Tahmique Williams
8th grade (14yrs old)

I Can 

By: Deavyon Gordon 
I found the strength when I couldn't stand, I felt the power when I said his name. I felt the love when I said amen, I thought I was lost but he helped me find my way. When I felt alone he was standing right next to me. I was tired of feeling unwanted underestimate but now I know I'm wanted and important And it was Jesus who helped me become me.

So I can be who I want to be, I can defeated person who wasn't me. I can be loved for eternity I can, show you the true me. He did it for you and me when I thought I was alone and things wouldn't get better. He brought someone in my life who opened up my eyes.

Written By:
Deavyon Gordon
8th grade (13yrs old)

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