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YADP in South Bronx Academy

for Applied Media

2016 - 2017



Creative Writing Process: New Song

By: Madison Canaan
(Creative Writing Piece)

Progress rehearsing for
"We Have Something to Say!" performance
(Oct. 6, 2016)

Rehearsal for
Upcoming Performance 
(Sept .27, 2016)

Creative Writing

Be blown away by these amazingly brave and talented young artists as they share their hearts with you! The rule of Creative Writing is "Take it out of you and put it on the paper" and these beautiful ladies do just that in their, first of many, creative writing pieces!

"This is not the Real Me!"

By: Seriah McIntosh

Grade 6 - Age 12

This is not the real me! Sometimes I act like I'm happy but I'm not. You may think that what I say to you is true but it's not. You may also think that I am expressing my true self to you but you are wrong. Sometimes I try to make myself fit in with the others and I hide myself behind a shadow, but just know, that is not the real me! 

I will tell you that the real mess even better than you may think. The real me likes to express herself in every way she is intelligent and bright! The real me like to think alone, and the real me would love to share more of her real feelings out loud to others. This is the real me, SERIAH MCINTOSH! I will no longer hide, I will no longer be scared and no longer care what other people think. Just know that I now have a voice!!!


By: Seriah McIntosh

Grade 6 - Age 12

I started from the bottom. It took a long time to realize my mistake. I was slowly losing all of my pieces to my puzzle. I thought I was making the correct choices but I wasn't. I wasn't following my heart. I was following everyone else's. It felt like I was trapped inside a tight room and all the air inside of the room was slowly beginning to lose itself. The only way that I could possibly breathe was if I found the missing pieces to my puzzle. I was trying to find myself again. I was trying to get back on track. Before I was totally gone. I was trying to look at myself the way others didn't. I realized that I had my eyes closed and I had to open them not halfway but fully. I realized that I had to put pride into my work and put pride into all of my dreams. Because that got me somewhere, somewhere that I thought I would never be. Because I learned that all because you start from the bottom doesn't mean you have to stay at the bottom. YOU CAN RISE!


By: Anonymous

Grade 8

This is dedicated to the broken and afraid, for those who never knew that they could open the cage. For those who live with words spoken in rage, for those who try to hide behind the smoke and the haze. Self-medicated when real help seems to be saved, For those who make enough to see that help can be paid. If you're broke, then your left broken and dismayed. It's so hard to find joy in life when you're so close to the grave. They call you a common thief while they're robbing you blind, from the top of the pyramid so tall you can't climb. Acting like its a problem you can solve with your time, but what you're paid back is not enough at all to survive. Its a game that can't be won but everybody keeps playing it, isn't that the definition of what crazy is? You're more than just a number, life is not what they say it is, its time to awaken from slumber and see the way it is!

Life is beautiful if you take a second to see it, take the steps needed to free yourself from the demons. Take the next sequence of the actions you actually need, take a step back from the factions, that act in greed. Take a deep breath, exhale and release your stress. Take a new direction to the future, try to be the best. Not for the money but for the wisdom so you can leave the next... generation with more than a wasteland and visa debt. There is nothing left to fear when you live near the truth, accept it with no exceptions it'll clear your view. If you live with no direction who will steer the youth? Who will see to it that they hear the proof? The world belongs to all of us and evil only follows us when we deny the truth that the world supplies to all of us. The circle of life will shallow us all in the end and action is more sacred then just following the trends.

It's what you do with your time that defines you. We're more than humans, we're divine too! It's time to find out what kind of mind is inside you, unlimited potential is hidden inside TRUTH!




By: Ashli Cato

Grade 6 - Age 14

I got my own mind to make my own Choices. 
Do I let the negativity of irrelevant kids get under my skin? 
YES! I'm not the type of person to follow  after you. 
I might get mad and say hurtful things but  
besides that I'm  MYSELF .


"As she Became her True Self"

By: Tytianna Brown

Grade 7 - Age 13

     As she stepped into her new middle school her heart dropped and her head began to spin, she didn't really know what to do. Everyone looked at her, stared at her, until she felt uncomfortable. Some people just talked about how she looked and that made her want to change who she really was. There were clicks of people who already knew each other but she was new and tried to fit in. She wanted to be her self but she when she could show her real self. Thats when a group of girls who were "popular" and rude became friends with her and began to peer pressure her to be a different person. 

     Soon she realized that, that wasn't who she wanted to be so she stopped listening to those girls who bullied her so badly, she began to be herself. Her dad wasn't there to really support her like he was suppose to but her mom was always there to support her and love her. She knew that she didn't need to try to be someone else so SHE BECAME HER TRUE SELF!


"Finding My True Self'

By: Madison Canaan 

Grade 7

     There was a girl, a girl that learned what it was like to be hurt, be loved, be in love, and even how it feels to be all by herself and one point. All these things happened so fast she honestly didn't know what to do with herself. At school, in front of her friends, she acted like everything was ok, like she was just like them, but guess what, everything was not ok, she was NOT just like them! She started acting like she was "dumb" and "weird" but she really wasn't. She only did those things to make her friends want to hang out with her. One day she fell in love. It was good for a few months then one day something tragic happened. After that she felt like she wasn't good enough for anyone, she felt like she was NOTHING! Still to this day she feels like she is useless at times. 

          Her friends were all happy but every day of her life after that was not so good. She acted like everything was ok but honestly people were calling her out her name and every time they saw her they would make fun of her, it was always the older kids. The crazy thing is she thought that if she wasn't in the world everyone would be happy, no one would even stop to think about her. She thought if she wasn't in the world every problem she made would be fixed and everything would be better. No one knew how she felt with everything she was going through at home. Things like her parents being divorced and her brother and his friends always getting in trouble with the cops.

     After all of this she realized something. She asked herself, "Why am I trying to be like everyone else?" She thought, "Im better than that!" Finally she decided, "I need to show who I really am and be who I want to be!

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