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YADP in South Bronx Academy
for Applied Media

2017 - 2018

New Single "Colors" by YADP

YADP Cafe @ SBAAM 2018

Zhaebreon Young (6th Grade)
Cover "Beautiful" by Mali Music

Dancers of YADP @ SBAAM (Rehearsal)

Spoken Word by Gustavo Garcia


Creative Writing

Be blown away by these amazingly brave and talented young artists as they share their hearts with you! The rule of Creative Writing is "Take it out of you and put it on the paper" and these beautiful ladies do just that in their, first of many, creative writing pieces!

New Mirror

By: Joyce McDuffy

Grade: 6

If you look in the mirror and you can't say that you are beautiful in your own way FIND A NEW MIRROR! Then, look a bit closer, stare a little longer and I guarantee you will find compassion and commitment within your self. Despite everyone who told you different, no words should ever change the way you feel about yourself.

Dear Struggle 

By: Seriah McIntosh

Grade: 7

Dear Struggle, 

Do you know how it feels to deal with this pain? The kind of pain that keeps growing and unfortunately won’t go away? Constantly dealing with the loss of the people we love and will never get back. We struggle to keep a roof over our head and we spend the whole day trying to keep the bread on the plate. 

DEAR STRUGGLE! What’s it like to be surrounded by complete darkness, to be pressured into someone you’re not? Drowned in a world where we think we know every little thing, but yet what we know doesn’t even cover 10%. We have a hard time thinking because the only thing that pops up in our head is our struggles. DEAR STRUGGLE! We are crowded, surrounded by people who aren’t awakened yet, but broken. Our light is fading and our darkness is taking over. I struggle, you struggle, we ALL struggle.



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