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The Young Artists of
YADP Summer Sessions 2016
Recording their original song "Rise"

Rapper/ Writer, Rich Dauphin
Visits YADP Summer Sessions 8/3/16

Spoken Word Artist, Leah James
Visits YADP Summer Sessions 7/20/16


Original song "If Colors Only
 Mattered in the Sky"
Written & Choreographed by the Young Artists of YADP Summer Sessions 2016

Anita Johnson of Sunday's Best Season 7 Visits YADP Summer Sessions 7/27/16

YADP Performs "Rise" at the 
Guns Down, Life Up Peace Concert


Original song "Rise"
Written & Choreographed by YADP @ SBAAM



Creative Writing in YADP  
Summer Sessions 2016



By: Tara Herbert 

Age: 11

We all need to believe that we can do whatever we want. We can do whatever we put our minds to. Believe in yourself so you can show everyone that you can do it. Show yourself you can do it! You can rise up, all you have to do is believe in yourself, that's all you need. You know there will be people who don't have any faith in you but don't believe them. They wish they had what you have but they don't. Rise up, be who you want to be and believe in yourself because you can do it.

"Black Lives Matter"
By: Iyana Bannerman 
Age: 12
I'm upset that the reality of this world leaves me fearful for my own. Being a young woman of color, I can truthfully say that I don't feel safe around those who are sworn to honor and uphold the law. I shouldn't have to worry any time my father walks outside the front door of our home. I shouldn't be afraid that he may be taken away from me and shot dead because of false perceptions that all black men are dangerous regardless of education or status. There has been to many senseless murders by officers that have gone unpunished. 

The government is not doing a very good job of policing their own. it seems that nobody cares that this targeting is happening to people of color until it hit home in their backyard. I also believe that those who are non-black should take action and be vocal about these tragedies taking place regardless of fear. The first step is to be truthful and acknowledge that racial problems remain in this country. Sadly, on social media and news outlets minorities are always depicted as violent criminals and people who are lazy, don't want to work and live off of the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person.

Donald Trump, the man that wants to be our president and run the free world, can take it upon himself to go on social media and make offense comments about every minority group but remain silent about something as important as this.. Why is there not enough conversation about gun violence in our communities. People are always talking guns in the hands of responsible gun owners but yet we have police officers that completely abuse that right. A society that does not trust what is suppose to be good and fair only creates chaos and being treated unfairly towards authority. WHERE DOES IT END?! We need more problem solvers of injustice instead of those giving people that say that they agree with supporting, an idea or plan. Injustice has no skin color or boundaries. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

"I Can"

By: Fatima Reyes

Age: 14

Now is not the time to give up! You can give up when there is no more oxygen in your body. Don't Stop Fighting! Your brain should be focused on "I Can" and "I Will." I find it funny when someone tells me something is impossible. Nothing is impossible if you surround yourself with positive people that make you a better version of yourself. Whenever you feel like quitting just remember the person next to you probably feels the same way. Tell yourself "I Can!" When you say "I Can" you are committed to the process and you're committed to where you want to be in life. Take baby steps until you make it to the top. You can change lives just by saying one little thing. Cherish every moment like its gold because you only live once. Everything good starts small and then your dreams turn into reality. No one can make that happen but you so tell yourself "I Can"